Monday, July 13, 2009


One day I thought to myself, "Hey, you! Why don't you put your skills to work and start a shop on Etsy." At first, I read everything I could about starting a shop, a name and what the concept may be. So far, after a year, I've come up with a couple of sketches, a banner and a name "CasaAzul" (which translates to Blue House). I've had it as a user name since high school when I found my love for art and Frida Kahlo. Next month (hopefully, crossing fingers), I may actually have these prints up for sale. Yes, I've been procrastinating for a year or so. I need to find time to sketch/draw.

Name: CasaAzul
Concept: Illustrations of animals and childhood stories.

A few illustrations (finished in photoshop)...

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Denise said...

Did you draw these? I gotta see 'em the next time I visit!