Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Let's go feed the duckies!"

Where: At the park feeding the duckies
Temperature: 83 degrees at 9;30am! (felt like 95 degrees & humid)
Mood: Playful, the little guy needs room to practice walking

It was Sunday morning and the first thing my husband says, "Let's go feed the duckies!" In my zombie like state, I stare blankly at him, grunt and point at the coffee machine. I really don't know where he gets his energy especially at 7:45am! Like, really who wakes up with a smile on their face and skips around the house? Anyhoot, we quickly get ready to beat the heat and head out.

As soon as we pulled out the bread, a swarm of geese and mallards made their way to us. The little guy giggles as they waddle toward him. I give him a slice of bread to feed the duckies. Instead he decides to eat it. Well the grey goose in the picture above snatched it from his little hands. Of course it was my bright idea to give the little guy a piece of bread to hold onto. He started to cry and got a little scared. Lesson learned: don't trust our feathered friends.

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