Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Birthday Cake

Where: Slaving in the kitchen making a cake
Mood: Determined
Temp: 98 degrees & Humid
I thought I'd try my hand at using fondant. Never used the stuff before. Watching a marathon of Cake Boss & Ace of Cakes motivated my husband & I try our hand at making bambinos first birthday cake.

My husband took the plunge first. He attempted to make an ABC block cake for the little guy. It didn't turn out that great. The fondant was thick and heavy and weighed the cake down. But I have to give him an A for effort. He was so stoked and I was surprised he was in the kitchen cooking instead of eating. :P He took the time to make the marshmellow fondant and buttercream from scratch! Wish I would of taken a picture of it.

Instead I took the easy route. We had purchased Wilton fondant from Joanne's earlier in the week ($25 BUCKS!) and regualr frosting. Hey, I was on a time crunch. It was so easy to roll out and it did not crack. It took me an hour and half to complete with the help of hubby. The fondant didn't taste that great. Good for decorating, not that tastey for eating.

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