Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I can cook! - Indian Chicken Curry Part Deux

I can cook! - Indian Chicken Curry Part Deux, originally uploaded by casa azul.
What am I doing: Cooking the Indian Chicken Curry recipe I found on crockpot365 again.

It smells so good! Another 3 hours till it is ready. I hope this time around it turns out delicious. I made some alterations to the recipe. I added:
-1T more of curry powder
-1t Cayenne Pepper (for that kick)
-1 can of Sweet Potatoes (drained, couldn't find any fresh)
-1 1/4t of Salt
-1t pepper
The Results: Wow! What a difference. The flavors were all there: spicy, sweet, seasoned well and the right amount of curry. I blended some of the veggies with alittle of the broth (spices-coconut mix) for a little thickness, just for the texture. The next day was even better. The chicken had time to marinate and it had more of a kick to it.

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