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I can cook! - Crockpot Indian Chicken Curry Recipe

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Crockpot Indian Chicken Curry Recipe

So I found this great recipe from Stephanie O'dea's blog crockpot365. I've been meaning to use the crockpot that my MIL gave me for christmas 2 years ago. MIL-If you're reading this, I swear I loved the gift, but was too lazy to take it out of the box and use it. Just know that I'm in love with it and appreciate your thoughtful gift. Ok, I digress. As I was searching for recipes for my slow cooker, I came across this site. What's great about the blog is that Stephanie offers reviews (based on her, her husbands & kids approval/disapproval) and comments on what she would do differently. Usually she provides a follow-up the next time she cooks it again. I fell in love when I found this Indian Curry recipe. I'd been aching to make some homemade Indian food. Thank you so much Stephanie for your time & effort you put into your meals/test runs. Mad props to you girl!
Well it didn't turn out as thick as I thought it would but I believe that it was partly my fault. Okay, it was my fault but hear me out. Part of the recipe requires coconut milk, not lite coconut, just regular coconut milk. If I would have read the directions carefully it specifically states:
1- 13.5 oz can of coconut milk (don't use the light, it doesn't taste as good. or use the light and then stir in heavy cream at the end. Your tongue wants the thick stuff... trust me.)<---Really, how did I miss this vital information?

I was beating myself (ala Chris Farley: "Stupid, stupid.") over my failed attempt. But then I remembered that when my husband & I had gone grocery shopping, my husband suggested I get the cheaper coconut milk which was the lite. Darn you mister penny pincher! So he is partly to blame. Determined to salvage the curry, I took to the cooking gods via the internet and searched. One way to make curry paste is to blend/puree the cooked veggies and spices till it creates a paste. By golly gee whiz, it worked! The only problem, is it still had a very mild taste to it. The taste was there but something was missing. It didn't have that "Wow" I was hoping for just a "Meh" still edible. Maybe next time it'll taste better with regular coconut milk. Plus for personal preference, I'll add more spice to kick up a notch. Oh well, you live & you learn.

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