Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Target Dwell Studio Foliage Comforter Set

New Bedding: Dwell Studio Foliage Comforter Set, originally uploaded by casa azul.
Where: Guest Bedroom/Den

Found it at Target. Dwell Studio Foliage Comforter Set on clearance for $22! Originally priced at $80. Target had all of there bedding on clearance, up to 75% off. We needed it for our spare room. Now when my sister comes to visit, she can sleep on a decent bed with a nice comforter set.

The comforter is soft and cozy. I was surprised by the color. It's more of a mustardy color in yellow light. In natural light its a nice muted yellow with a hint of lime. Not too light or too dark. Also wasn't aware of the brown trim on the comforter. The photo online at Target.com concealed the brown trim on the comforter. You can barely notice it because of the brown bedframe.

So what do you think? Do the colors go together? Should I place the bed in front of the window or against the wall? Any suggestions?

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