Thursday, March 4, 2010


IMG_0655, originally uploaded by casa azul.

Where: At the park
Temp: 54 degrees (a bit nippy I should say)
Two Ups: Another beautiful day & Dr. says I'm a-ok
Two Downs: Regained the 15lbs. lost & using the excuse, "It's raining" to get out of exercising
Obsessed with: Thrift shops & Queen Anne Chairs

I love how the colors look so much more vivid after it rains. I could even see the snow top moutains! No grey hazy sky to cover them up, yuppie! Hopefully this Sunday we will head out to the blossom trail, weather permitting. It would be great to get a couple good shots of the family since bambino is growing up right before our eyes.

Lately, I've been heading out to the thrift stores more often than usual. Just been thinking about the whole economy, where my money is going and how I could spend it in a more economical way. You just don't get your monies worth these days. I use to venture out to consignment stores every weekend when I was in high school, but stopped going. I loved all the little trinkets and oddities I'd find along the way.
Another mans junk is another mans treasure.


red-handed said...

Wet is better, less is more. Sounds good to me.

Jessica Brown said...

i'm glad you found my blog today. i've added yours to my google reader - looking forward to reading more! plus i have a growing love for photography myself and so always enjoy seeing great pics!