Wednesday, June 1, 2011



Where: At the park (as usual)
Temperature: 71 degrees w/ a cool breeze. It's June, right?
2 Ups: No more nausea or vomiting and no longer "working myself to death"
2 Downs: Just tired/fatigued and potty training the little guy
Weight: 168 lbs -  ugh, not good
# of Weeks: 21 Weeks
On heavy rotation: Adele

For the last couple of months I'd been working 2 jobs: one fulltime job + one part time position =  52-56  hours a week (which explains my absence from blogging). It felt like I never got to see my husband, my son or my family.

I had been getting 1-3 hours of sleep a night which was pretty rough. Luckily the fulltime position was seasonal. Somehow I managed to get through it. When my doctor found out, she wasn't too pleased. First she thought my husband was making me work, which I thought was hilarious. Then she grew concerned that if I continued, she'd have to put me on bedrest. She told me just as long as I was able to handle it, then she'd be okay with it. What can I say, I like to work, I like to keep busy. Plus the extra cash doesn't hurt. It's good to have a little extra $$$ saved away in case of emergency.

Other than that, just trying to catch up on time with the family and sleep. Dear god, how I missed the simple pleasure of sleeping in (for now). Never will I utter the phrase, "I'll sleep when I'm dead!"

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Joanne Cox said...

beautiful images<3
enjoy your "rest"