Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting Away from the Heat








belly bump & morro rock
Where: Hanging out near the beach
Temp: 65 degrees, cloudy and perfect
Weight: I refuse to weigh myself after I realized I was 10lbs. away from weighing the same as my husband
Week: 26 weeks
Two Ups: No sign of nausea or Charley horses
Two Downs: I can't shave my legs, clip my toe nails, put on my socks or shoes without some difficulty. Also everything now has a sound effect. For example getting out of bed, trying to pick up stuff off the floor & so on.

Spent the day with my MIL & FIL and headed to the beach. We all wanted to get away from the humidity & heat. We spent two hours at Morro beach, ate at the Whale's Tale, did a little antique shopping, then ended the day at Moonstone Beach. The little guy didn't want to leave. He wanted to head back to the water and splash around a little more. The next few months will be filled with mini getaways for us before the baby is due. I'm hoping one of those trips involve camping near Pismo Beach with my sis & BIL. Let's make it happen people! :) 

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Joanne Cox said...

love your photography!