Monday, September 16, 2013

Pom Pom Number Birthday Decoration

Tutorial from Lowe's: Pom Pom Number Birthday Decoration

Supply List
-Glue Gun
I had better luck with the glue gun. It adhered to the cardboard quick so I didn't have to wait long for it dry.
-100 pack Coffee Filters from the 99 cents store
Each number took 150 filters to achieve the look
-Cardboard FREE!
-Spray Paint choose your color(s) $4
-utility knife & scissors

This project didn't take very long. A good day and a half is all it took. I substituted the foam board for cardboard. If your cardboard isn't thick enough, just double it up or reinforce it with cardboard strips. Also, you can use wrapping paper to cover the exposed cardboard (which I didn't think to do till I was done).

I didn't follow step 2 & 3 in the directions. It wasn't looking ruffly or full. It looked bare and like I just glued down coffee filters. I wanted it to look like felt rosettes. Instead, I dabbed a spot of glue on one coffee filter (ruffly side up), then placed another coffee filter (ruffly side up) on top. Fold in half, fold again, then shape/fluff before gluing it to the cardboard. It's like making felt rosettes just without felt or pinning it. After you are all done gluing, adjust the coffee filters, cut/push/reshape to form number. Remember to turn over and shake to remove all the excess trimming that may be stuck in the coffee filters. Pick your colors and spray paint.

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