Friday, May 2, 2008

Week 24

Week 24, originally uploaded by casa azul.

Where: In the kitchen attempting to wash dishes
Week: 24 (6 months)
Weight: 162 (i'm short and stubby...I'm Stubbs McGee)
Mood: I'm a happy gordita!

Well the belly bump is definitely showing and all of the side effects from the first trimester are long gone. YAY!!! Plus I can power walk (a little) but I'm still keeping up with eating small portions to keep away heartburn, acid reflex and indigestion. This week while my husband and I were at Target, the baby kicked and left his foot extended for about 5 minutes. I felt the heel of his foot! The parasite is trying to get out. Baby loves spicy food (spicy Italian sausage...mmmm!), meat & potatoes and definitely a favorite & must have is Honey Nut Cheerios! :o) Constipation is still a factor and my #1 enemy (shaking fist in air). Must...not....strain! Note to self, more fiber!

This weeks recurring dream:
I'm at the hospital, already in bed and dressed in the hospital gown. My legs are already on the stirrups and I see the doctors head pop up from between my legs and he says, "I need you to push." I tilt my head back, grab onto the side rails and.....the dream ends.

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