Wednesday, June 18, 2008

30 weeks

30 weeks, originally uploaded by casa azul.
Where: Watering the flowers in our backyard.
Weight: 172lbs. (gained a pound this week) Dr says I'm doing good about the whole weight gain. I'm on the right track to gaining 30lbs. So all you Yentas giving unsolicited advice can just hush! The antiquated advice you are trying to give does not apply to today's medical marvels. Plus I don't see an MD at the end of your name. (sorry just venting) Oooh burned!
Status: I'm swollen, my acne has cleared and the belly is expanding.
Mood: Ecstatic! Baby Calvin is almost here!

This week the baby has been performing somersaults and back flips. I still get giddy and excited whenever he kicks or moves. Makes me tear up.

Definition>Yenta: Meddler, gossiper, meddlesome, busybody, nuisance (you know who you are)

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