Thursday, June 19, 2008

30 weeks

30 weeks, originally uploaded by casa azul.

I've got plenty of stretch marks. It started off as just one and then they began to multiply! But it's all worth it at the end. Need to make room for baby.

After much deliberation and criticism from both families, we've officially decided to stick with the name Calvin Christopher. This is how it went with my mom last week:

Visiting Mom & Dad for home made chicken enchiladas.

mom: [Greets me with a kiss and hug. Rubs the belly] "Hi baby Calvin! So have you decided on a name?" (I'm assuming she thought it was just a phase)

me: "Yes, we are sticking with Calvin." [side note: for months we have been calling the baby Calvin so it shouldn't have been a surprise]

mom: "Calvin?!" she says in a disappointed tone. "Why Cal..."

me: before she could finish I started laughing and replied in a nonchalant tone, "Yes mom, we are sticking with Calvin whether you like it or not so you better get use to it. Just remember who the parents are. Remember, Grandpa did the same thing to you. He told you to name me after grandma instead of Jennifer, remember? You were reluctant to but you gave in."

**What I've learned from all this: Next time, I'll just wait to disclose the name to family members till I fill out the birth certificate. It's not up for debate or a majority vote people.

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