Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Yellow & Green Room

The Yellow & Green Room, originally uploaded by casa azul.

Where: In the dining room getting ready for the baby shower

Since I've taken the week of the baby shower off, I've gotten a bit crafty. I decided to make some tissue paper pom pom's with the help of Martha Stewart and all you crafty chica's on Flickr. The image you see above is the dining room. I think I may have gone a little over board with the amount I put up (14) and may add another big one on the other side for balance. Still debating whether to take down some. It's taken me about 3-4 days on & off to make about 35-40 of these to decorate the interior and exterior of the house.

It took about 2-3 tries to perfect the pom pom. Don't get discouraged. Just a few tid bits: don't pull too hard when separating the tissue, use metal scissors (I had scissors with the metal blades but with the plastic handles; they broke), be patient and go slow.

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