Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In the crib (Baby's turn to blog)

Where: Hanging out in my crib w/Dino the dinosaur & his crew (Terance the T-Rex, Bobby the Brontosaurs & Terry the Terradactyl) and Leo the Lion by my side
Mood: Content
Status: Just chillin
Weight: 11lbs. 3oz.
Listening to Flobots "Handlebars"
Onesie says "Born to Ride" w/a picture of a tricycle

Well I'm six weeks old and the world seems to be one big place. So many things to see. When mommy and daddy take me out to see the world, I get overwhelmed by the new things I see. At times, I just fall asleep.


red-handed said...

Also: halogen lamps are fascinating.

cmichgo said...

your baby is adorable!!