Sunday, February 3, 2008

We bought a house!

Pictured above from top left-right: Bedroom w/built in closet,
backyard w/storage shed & dual car garage, red laundry room, living room
* California Style Bungalow
* Built in 1947
* Single family home
* 2 beds + 1 extra room
* 1 bath
* 2 Fireplaces

This home has a lot of character and charm. My husband and I both did not want a newer home. They just seem so cookie cutter. Just wasn't our style. We wanted something that needed a little elbow grease but was still move in ready.

As our real estate agent took us through the neighborhood, we noticed that no two houses were alike. Each different in there style and character. This was the last house of the day. It had yet to be officially placed on the market and our agent got the inside scoop. He told us, "I know this is alittle out of your price range but this house is definately for you two." Boy, was he right. My husband and I were enamored with the house.

By the end of the tour my husband and I discussed it and made an offer on the house. A place to call our own, a place to start a family.

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