Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Repainting the Master bedroom

Repainting Master bedroom, originally uploaded by casa azul.

Old Color: Lyndhurst Mushroom by Valspar (I should have taken a before pic...DOH!)
New Color: Silver Drop by Behr

So I got tired of the baby poop yellow-brown wall color and decided it was time to repaint. I have been dying to paint one of the rooms gray after looking at homes on Decor Pad, Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge. After much research, I found the perfect gray: Silver Drop by Behr. It is really light and airy. The paint went on really well and I didn't have to prime the walls! Just a couple of touch ups here & there. I didn't buy the Behr primer & paint in one. I just got the regular Behr paint. Since the walls are textured, I got the flat finish so the texture isn't as noticeable. I'm in <3 love!

Next project: restaining the dresser & end table


red-handed said...

Painting is always about ten times harder than everyone thinks it is.

Maria said...

Yup, time, effort and patience. My husband gave the excuse, "I don't like to paint" to get out of it. At that point, I just glared at him then dubbed him Miss Polly Prissy Pants for the rest of the week.