Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Goodwill Hunting: Mid Century Modern Office Desk & Chair

Yesterday I went to the thrift store near my home. The hunt for a desk was on since the console table was not the ideal "work space." Consignment stores tend to have really great vintage furniture made of real wood. I was not interested in purchasing some cheap a** particle board furniture. I knew I'd be able to score a great deal.
The first consignment store I visited, I fell in love! Low and behold, I found what I believe to be a Mid Century Modern office desk and chair. So Mad Men! I truly love the style and simplicity. Now all I need is an Eames Executive Chair...sigh, only in my dreams. Move over Don Draper, this woman can play with the big boys. On second thought I guess a couple of torrid affairs around the office, followed by a shocking pregnancy will be suffice.

Purchase: Office Desk
Price: $8.99
Project: Restain it Red Mahogany

Purchase: Chair
Price: $3.99+30% off
Project: Restain, Reupholster

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