Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Lorax Birthday Party

Since the kids chose a birthday theme that had no decorations available in store, meant that it was time to get crafty. It was a lot of work and I'm glad it all came together. Thanks to my MIL for letting us host the party in her beautiful backyard, thanks to the in-laws for helping me put the decorations up, thanks to my sister for the beautiful banner, candy wraps & cupcake toppers. 

Supply List

Truffula Trees
-Small metal pails from Target $1 each
Each store had various colors & designs but items were limited in stock.
-Pack of 12 Assorted Colors Mini Marabou Boas by Fun Express (for the Truffula tuft) purchased through Amazon $8
-Floral Foam from the 99 Cent Store
-Dowels from Walmart, 99¢ for a pack of 16
-Gray & White Paint to paint the dowels or small tree branches
-Satin pins or Floral U Pins from Walmart for 99¢ each
-Spanish Moss from Walmart $3.50
-Foam Balls

Blue Chevron Table Runner
-Self Adhesive Shelf Liner by The Macbeth Collection purchased through Amazon 2 pack for $11.99
I used masking tape instead of the adhesive on the liner so it would stay on the table. I plan on using it for another project.

Paper Pom Poms
If you do not know how to make Tissue Paper Pom Poms, here is a great tutorial with step by step photo & video.
-Tissue Paper (any color)
-Floral Wire from Walmart $1
-A good pair of Scissors
-Twine or Fishing wire (to hang)
The alternative would be buying them from a craft store (like Michael's or from a party store like Party City). It comes with tissue paper and the wire. Only problem is they are sold in limited colors and a bit pricey (range from $15.99 - $24.99). You can always use the 40% off coupon (from Michael's or Joann) to bring the price down.

Road Sign (North Nitch, South Stitch, Weehawken Rd.)
-Wood-shims bundle Homedepot $2
-Spray Paint Krylon ColorMaster Gloss Bauhaus Gold & Watermelon from Walmart $4 each
-Black fine-point Sharpie Pen
-Small Square Vase
-Floral Foam from the 99¢ Store
-Spanish Moss from Walmart $3.50
-glue gun

The Lorax Candybar Wrappers
-Pink Cardstock
-2 inch Scallop puncher
-1 inch Circular Sticker Labels
-Double stick tape
-Chevron Cardstock Paper from Joann

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