Thursday, October 31, 2013

Making Witch Finger Cookies

I've seen this one posted on Pinterest so many times. But these are the best instructions I've found. It took a couple of tries to get the right thickness and look.

I used store bought sugar cookie dough, added 1 cup of flour (you can use less or add a little at a time), then knead. If the cookie dough gets too dry, add 1/2 tsp of water (or enough to make it pliable). You don't want to put too much water unless it gets mushy.

After that, roll dough into a ball, then into a long coil. This helps make two/three fingers at a time. If the dough continues to fall apart, dip your fingers in some water, roll the coil into a ball again, and then roll into a coil. Think of it as working with clay. If it gets a little dry, just add some water. Press dough to flatten slightly if that is the desired look. Score with a knife, place the almond slices at the tip and press in place. Bake according to instructions.

First Test Batch - Made them too thick.
I just told the kids they were monster finger cookies.
Before - dusting/contouring with cocoa powder
After - dusting/contouring with cocoa powder

I made seven different sizes/thickness to test out. Then from there, I chose which size/thickness I'd use. I really liked how they turned out. Let the cookies cool down before dusting/contouring with cocoa powder.

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